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WAV to MP3 Converter – convert WAV to MP3 format

WAV to MP3 Converter

How to convert WAV to MP3 format?

Simply saying, WAV and MP3 both are audio formats, WAV is larger than MP3 format in size, you can store more files if you are going to use mp3 format, but in the same compression ratio, WAV has better sound quality than MP3 format, because WAV uses the 44.1kHz sampling frequency and 16 quantify bits, WAV almost has the same sound quality with CD.

The following software is the one you can consider which can convert WAV files to MP3 format easy and fast!

About WAV to MP3 Converter

Audio/Video To MP3 Maker is an excellent WAV to MP3 conversion program, as shown in its title, the application lets you to accurately convert almost all your audio (including WAV format) and video formats to MP3 with high quality.

The product has the intuitive and well designed interface which lets you fast convert your favorite audio tracks into the desired target MP3 format.

How to use:

For example, once you have loaded a WAV format into the app, it will auto-detect the tracks and it will display the wav file’s name and duration, then just click the CONVERT button, the conversion from wav to mp3 will be soon done!

In one sentence: an perfect WAV file to MP3 format converting software, converting process is so fast and it won’t affect your computer performance!

Download WAV to MP3 Converter

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