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Convert Ogm To Mkv

Convert OGM to MKV with one-click

OGM stands for Ogg Media File, is a video container format. It was developed by Tobias Waldvogel, OGM can do more different things that the more common AVI format can not do. They include:

  • support the chapters;
  • multiple tracks for subtitles;
  • support for multiple tracks of various formats (MP3, AC3, Vorbis, WAV);
  • Vorbis audio support. It is known that the AVI format can be used for this, but there is no way “official” to do it, which means that any attempt can be a hack, or “workaround” inconsistent and unreliable.

To convert OGG media files to MKV format with DigitByte Direct MKV Converter, please have either Torbias’ OGG DirectShow Filters or Radlight Ogg Media Filters installed. You may also need to install CCCP.

About OGM to MKV Converter

Direct MKV Converter is a video converter for many video files that are native to Windows Media Player.

You can convert to common formats such as DivX, XviD, AVI, MPEG and VCD. You can also switch from OGM, WMA, ASF, MP4, AVI, ASF, DAT, DIVX to MKV.

The use of the application is very simple and that is designed to be useful for users of any level. Just specify the path of the file you want to convert and format you want to convert, the rest will make the application. It is very friendly to your computer: support anti-installed, and without any of the virus, ensure 100 percent safety.

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System Requirements:

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