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MediaIsland – Free download

MediaIsland is a simple, multimedia management system built for your Web Site! With MediaIsland, you can instantly turn your current web site into a professional multi gallery and management system! This very simple web product will allow you to upload and manage your digital audio, video, and images using your web site.

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LoadScout 2.0 – Free download

LoadScout - Extract snatches from remote MP3 or AVI files Show instant info about any media file on the web. Play snatches of remote MP3 and AVI files. Browse remote archives without downloading. Extract individual files from remote archives. Powerful download engine. Internet Explorer integration.

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MP3 Music PowerSorter 2007 Q3 – Free download

MP3 Music Sorter, Organizer, Renamer - Full Automatic,HUNDREDS formats supported MP3 Music Sorter, Organizer, Renamer - Full Automatic, that will sort, organize, rename all your music, fast and easy. Support MP3, AVI, DIVX, OGG, MPEG, JPG, ZIP, RAR and HUNDREDS of other formats. High speed, flexible settings.

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MiniLyrics 7.0.554 – Free download

Auto show synchronized lyrics in Winamp5, WMP, iTunes, RealPlayer, foobar2000. Auto show synchronized lyrics in media player, with cool skins and cool styles. Support most of popular players: Winamp5, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar2000, Realplayer, MediaMonkey, JetAudio, XMPlay, Yahoo Music jukebox, Quintessenial Player.

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ASPNetMedia Suite – Redistribution License – Free download

The original software for embedding creative media into ASP.NET Web Pages The ASP.Net Media - is the original software for embedding creative media into ASP.NET Websites. add Video (WindowsMedia, QuickTime & Real), Flash (SWF), Flash-Video (FLV) and sound (MP3) to ASP.Net websites. http://www.aspnetmedia.com

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