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Magic Enhancer Pro 1.0 – Free download

Using Magic Enhancer you can adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. Using Magic Enhancer you can improve your photos adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. It is perfect for enhancement of photos with lack of lightness. Convenient color temperature control allows fixing color balance defects easily.

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Magic Sharpener 2.0 – Free download

Image sharpening Photoshop-compatible plug-in without halos and increased noise. Amazing image sharpening Photoshop-compatible plug-in. It allows a user to get dramatically improved the look of images without color halos and increased color noise. It just increases the contrast along edges and gets more contrast to fine details.

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PixPattern 1.0 – Free download

Extremely user friendly and smart plugin transforming your photos into a mosaic Extremely user friendly, smart plugin transforming a photograph into a mosaic that is formed from symmetrically located polygons which differ in shape and angle. The plugin is very useful for creating beautiful artistic effects from your photograph.

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Tile Builder 1.6 – Free download

Tile Builder creates fantastic attractive seamless patterns using symmetry rules Tile Builder is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for creation seamless patterns. It will be useful for web designers, artist and graphics enthusiasts. Run Tile Builder, choose tiling method and press Apply. You can save pattern for using anywhere.

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Magic Denoiser 1.5 – Free download

Image denoising Photoshop-compatible plug-in preventing fine details blurring. Amazing image denoising Photoshop-compatible plug-in allowing a user to get dramatically improved the look of images without blurring the edges and fine details. It just removes the noise preventing image features unchanged but looking more lifelike.

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