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IdealSorter – Ultimate edition 2007 Q3 – Free download

Powerful File Sorter, File Organizer, File Renamer-Hundreds of supported formats IdealSorter - is a powerful file sorter, file organizer, file renamer, that will sort, organize, rename all your files, fast and easy. Support MP3,AVI,DIVX,OGG,MPEG,JPG,ZIP,RAR and HUNDREDS of other formats. High speed, flexible settings.

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Bubbly Ball Words – Free download

Breakout and a word game combined into one! Exciting, fun and addictive! Breakout and a word game all rolled into one! Destroy the bricks arkanoid style with your paddle and ball while making words from the falling letters. Several bonuses with a random level generator. Never the same game with unlimited game play.

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Phantasia – Free download

save fabulous dwarves from the evil wizard's tower Save fabulous dwarves from the evil wizard's tower in a new arcade game. The cruel wizard used all his power and imprisoned all of the dwarves from a wonderfull forest called Phantasia, in his strange tower in the abandoned mountains.

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Antiquity Riddles – Free download

Twist your brain to solve an ancient riddle and reach the treasure! You were lucky to find a real treasure map among the pages of an encyclopedia. Unfortunately, gold and gems never lye in a cave waiting for you. You are to twist your brain first! Solve the riddle and reach the treasure!

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Blocker Plains 3.3 – Free download

Reaction game with a freely moveable blocker, 50 stone plains and much sound. Blocker Plains is a reaction game with six game-levels, an unlimited number of balls, 50 stone plains and a freely movable Blocker. Seven sound-topics with different listener-positions and changing backgrounds gives a long prolonged motivation.

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