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jk-ware MDI-Projectworkspace 2.0 – Free download

Projectworkspace for Visual C# developers for the development of own programs. We offer our MDI-Projektworkspace for Visual C# developers for the further development of their own products. The Workspace needs Visual C# Express and contains all source files for the construction of a form administration for the Windows-CLR.

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Blocker Plains 3.3 – Free download

Reaction game with a freely moveable blocker, 50 stone plains and much sound. Blocker Plains is a reaction game with six game-levels, an unlimited number of balls, 50 stone plains and a freely movable Blocker. Seven sound-topics with different listener-positions and changing backgrounds gives a long prolonged motivation.

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SiteSpinner Pro – Free download

Professional authoring software for the creation of websites and mobileweb sites Virtual Mechanics SiteSpinner Pro is a web authoring tool that makes it easy to design sites for the web and mobile devices without having to know HTML. Opera technology enables the user to design and preview pages as they'll look on all devices.

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