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Rip MP3 to WAV, MP3 to WAV Ripper

How to rip mp3 to wav with high quality?

Sometimes, some people might say the wav format is outdated, however, this view is not very accurate, because many programs especially need WAV format for further editing, the job of ripping mp3 to wav is the must-have step. The following award-winning program is the one you are looking for!

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About MP3 to WAV Ripper

MP3 to WAVE is the simpliest program for ripping mp3 to wav format, its interface is very concise and output wav files with 14KB tracks, 44100Hz and 16 bits per sample sound-resolution, and they are just perfect with CD sound quality.

Download MP3 to WAV Ripper

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Softpedia – Reviews of MP3 to WAV Ripper:

The Good: A “fool-proof” software, as easy as can be, with incredible processing speed and producing high-quality results at a very reasonable price. Small size and professional results.

The Truth: MP3 to Wave is one of the fastest and the easiest converters I have ever seen, with a child-simple GUI and all at a very good price.

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MP3 means Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. It is one kind of audio frequency compression technology – MPEG Audio Layer3, MP3 technology has the ability to compress audio into smaller capacity file by 1:10 or 1:12 of compression rate, moreover it keeps a very good quality of the original music.

WAV is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing audio on PCs, WAV format support many compression algorithms, support for multiple audio bits, and the sampling frequency and channel. Because it uses the 44.1kHz sampling frequency and 16 quantify bits, WAV almost has the same sound quality with CD, but a WAV file need a bigger storage space than other audio format.

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