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FAQ of Open Video Converter

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What is codec?

It stands for encoder and decoder.

What’s DivX?

You can treat DivX as the MP3 for movie. You get the same video quality as DVD while keep 1/10 of the size.

Why does the program only output video for 1 minute at maximum?

It is the limitation of trial / unregistered version. Please register the product, you can get registration code, which has no any limitation.

Why is there the DivX logo on my computer when play back the avi file?

After the avi is encoded by DivX codec, The logo does not exist in the avi file. If play back the avi file with official DivX player or use FFDSHOW filter, the logo does not show.

Does the output file support other codec format except DivX?

The program can support most encoding filters based on Microsoft DirectShow, such as XviD or WMV9 and more if you install appropriate video codecs.

Why is there no sound in my MPEG4 / DivX Player (hardware)?

The default audio compressor the program used is Microsoft ADPCM. It can be played on Windows. But hardware may not recognize the compressed audio format. So please select MPEG layer-3 in audio compressor field ofthe output option dialog. Most hardware can play the MP3 format. But the audio compressor may not work well for some audio sources.

When I preview the video, I find it a little jumpy. Why?

If the CPU of your computer is not enough powerful, or the memory is less, or you select the high resolution (800*600 or higher), the playback may be not smooth.

I want to adjust the aspect ratio of a clip, how do I do?

Click the Options button, then the Output options dialog will popup. Choose the other resolution or the Custom size, and set Resize mode as Stretch. Try more times, you will get the appropriate aspect ration of the output clip.

Why does the program report it does not play the clip?

Open Video Converter does not include any codec. It is necessary to install the appropriate codecs on your Windows system.

How can split a video file with the program?

Please first open the video file, You can preview the clip, or drag the slider bar, set the Start Time and the End Time to get the part of the clip. At last click the Convert button.

Why do I not open the wmv file or the asf file successfully?

Please make sure you have install the latest [download id=”27″ format=”4″] and [download id=”28″ format=”4″] which includes the latest wmv, asf decoder.

Why do I not open the avi file successfully?

Please make sure you have installed the appropriate avi decoder such as [download id=”25″ format=”4″], [download id=”29″ format=”4″], etc.

The clip has the black margin at the top and bottom. How can I remove it?

In the Output options dialog, choose Original size in the Resolution field. Select DivX codec in Video compressor, and click the Settings button, enter the Divx codec properties dialog, press Video tab, check Enable Crop , set number at crop top or crop bottom. Try several times, at last you will get appropriate output effect.

How can I reduce the VCD (MPEG / MPG / DAT) file size to fit the internet transmission?

With the DivX codec, you can reduce the VCD file size dramatically, Please click the Settings button in the Output options dialog. Please set Encoding bitrate to about 322 kbps. You do not feel the quality loss almost for VCD file (352*240 or 352*288) .

The Encoding bitrate is bigger, the picture is clearer, but the output file is bigger, and vice versa.

A 60-minute VCD file has about 650MB, Encoding with the DivX (322 kbps encoding bitrate) and Microsoft ADPCM, the output avi file is about 250MB. If the computer has installed Fraunhofer professional MP3 encoder, encoding with the audio encoder(192kbps encoding bitrate) and DivX (322 kbps encoding bitrate), the output avi file is about 200MB.

How many formats does the program support?

If the computer has installed the appropriate audio and video decoder based on DirectShow, the program can support it.

But converting VOB files always fails, if they are encrypted.

If you install RM or QT decoder based on DirectShow, the program also supports them. But these decoders are not released by official website, they may have bugs and not stable. The program does not run well.

After I uninstall DivX5.1.1, install DivX5.2.1, the version number of DivX in Video compressor does not change. Why?

After you uninstall the previous DivX, please restart computer, then install the new version of DivX.

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