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MIDI to WAV Maker – convert MIDI file with CD quality

MIDI to WAV Maker is an easy-to-use tool to convert MIDI to WAV file with CD quality. Normally MIDI files are not processed directly by other programs such as audio converters, music editors, or CD burners. So after converting midi to wav file, you can burn the output wav file to CD easily by other tools, or process the wav file for other purpose.

  • Price: US$ 29.99
  • Current Version: 2.21
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7/8

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MIDI to WAV Maker

System Requirements:

How to convert midi to wav file:

Click the Open button, select a *.midi (or *.mid, *.rmi) file.

Change the output name if necessary, which must be a wave file. Or click the “Browse” to name the file in a folder.

Then click the Convert button, the conversion will start. Please make sure you can hear normal sound of the MIDI file when converting mid to wave, otherwise check Windows Volume Control.

After the conversion is over, click the Play button to listen to the wav file with Windows Media Player. Before start the next conversion, please exit the player.

If you feel the output wav is lighter or louder or distorted, adjustthe volume control of the program, or “Volume Control” or “Wave” of Windows. Then start conversion again. Try several times, you will get the appropriate output audio.


1. If the sound of the output wave file is distorted, the most possible reason is that the volume is too louder. There are two ways to resolve the problem.
Decrease the volume in MIDI To Wav Maker. Or click the icon at the right bottom of Windows or the equivalent image, decrease it of “Volume control” or “Wave”.

2. If you can not hear the sound of the output wav file, please try to increase the recorder volume of MID To Wave, or increase it of “Volume control” or “Wave” of Windows.

3. When MIDI to Wav Maker launches at the first time, it will automatically select an input device with “Wave Out Mix” as possible as it can, which might appear as “Stereo Mixer”, “What U Hear”, “Output”, “Mixer”, “Wave” depending on the sound card. If succeed, the item list will hide. If not, it will show. please select the item manually.

4. Prerequisites for Windows VISTA:

MID TO WAV MAKER also works well in VISTA. It has a little different interface compared with previous Windows version. you have to enable the proper recording device “Wave Out Mix” or like that before you launch the program. MIDI TO WAV screenshot 1, 2

The default enabled recording devices of VISTA on the computer are Microphone and Line In. So only two recording devices can be viewed in MIDI TO WAV Maker. If the list box of your computer displays “Wave Out Mix” or like that. Select it directly. If not, please do the following steps to enable the item.
Exit MIDI to WAVE Maker if it is running.

At the right bottom of the desktop, right-click the Volume icon, select Recording Devices 3, 4.

The different sound card has the different recording devices. Right-click the recording device “Wave Out Mix” 5 or 6.Select Enable. Click the OK button to close the Sound dialog box.

Launch the software again. Select 7, 8 before converting midi to wav.

Normally Windows VISTA includes a lot of device drivers which can support most popular sound card by default so that it is not necessary to install the device driver of the original manufacturer. If you can not find the proper recording device name, you may install the driver from the manufacturer, which has more powerful function. If you can not find the name after install it, you have to try another computer or change anothercard.Sound Blaster of Creative Technology Ltd.”What U Hear”SoundMAX Digital Audio System of Analog Devices Inc.”Wav Out Mix” / “Mono Out”Realtek Semiconductor Corp.”Stereo Mix” / “Mono Mix”

If you do not make sure which name is right, you may convert a mid file to wav, try the recording device name one by one.

For more detail, please read the help of MIDI to WAV Maker.

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