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MPEG Combiner – combine MPEG files without recompression

How to combine MPEG without recompression?

First of all, we look first to review what is MPEG, MPEG is called the Moving Picture Experts Group format, MPEG file format is the international standard of Moving Image Compression Algorithm.

It is playable in almost all computers and VCD/SVCD/DVD players. It uses the method of lossy compression in order to reduce the redundant information of Moving Image (its maximum compression ratio is 200:1). Currently there are three MPEG compression standard, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4, the MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 is still in the development status.

Why need to combine MPEG files?

Normally, a big MPEG movie is offten splitted into several segments to make these video clips more manageable for speed up downloading or uploading process. So if you have combined these mpeg video clips into bigger one, the mpeg movie will not be interrupted when you are watching it.


Now we are into the theme of how to combine MPEG files in few steps with the program named MPEG Joiner v2.0 developed by DigitByte Studio.

Step 1:

Download DigitByte MPEG Joiner’s setup file, perform installation process, and lanuch it.

Buy Now (PayPal) – $19.99

Step 2:

Choose the source MPEG files (you wish to combine) and destination for output files. If needed, you can adjust the order of MPEG files by clicking UP or DOWN button on the main interface.

Step 3:

Hit the “Merge” button to begin to combine MPEG.

Reviews of the MPEG Combiner:

This is a lovely little program that an editor would enjoy having on a computer, it isn’t a hard program to master – in fact the developer claims it is an easy-to-use program and it is just that. The above image shows the controls and the presentation faced by a user – all very straight forward. $19.99 is indeed good value.

In our quick test of the program we joined two mpeg files – and it passed with flying colours. This is because DigitByte MPEG Joiner does not re-compress MPEG files in the merging process, Therefore, the joining speed is very fast, moreover, no loss of video quality.

If what you want is to be able to fast join the MPEG files together without reprocessing, recompression or re-encoding again. DigitByte MPEG Joiner is the one you are looking for!

For more information, please visit the offical site: http://www.008soft.com/products/mpeg-joiner.htm


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