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MP3 Merger – merge mp3 audio files

The following program has the ability to merge mp3 files into bigger one with fast speed.

About MP3 Merger

MP3 Joiner has the feature of merging mp3 into one larger mp3 file. Because the program does not merge mp3 files in re-encoding way, the merging speed is very fast and output file without loss any quality.


1. Support “drag and drop” function.
2. Easy to use
3. Fast merging speed.
4. Output file with high quality.
5. Only the mp3 files with the same parameters can be merged.
6. Adjust the order of your mp3 files.
7. Preview function supported.

Download MP3 Merger

Buy Now (PayPal) – $19.99

Step-by-step of how to Merge MP3 audio files:

1. Add MP3 files to the list by clicking the Add MP3 button or drag and drop file to the list.

2. If you want to adjust file sequence, select an item in the list, then click the Up or Down button.

3. Input the output filename.

4. Click the Merge button to merge all MP3 files together.

5. Click the Preview button to preview output file.

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The MP3 full title is Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. Simple saying, MP3 is one kind of audio frequency compression technology, because the full title of this kind of compression way is MPEG Audio Layer3, therefore the people called it as MP3.

MP3 makes use of MPEG Audio Layer 3 technology. Music can be compress into smaller capacity file by 1:10 or 1:12 of compression rate, in other words, under the condition of lossing little sound quality, music songs can be compressed into smaller files.

Moreover it keeps a very good quality of the original music. Because MP3 is small in size and with high quality of auido, MP3 format has almost become synonymous with online music. The size of playing every 1-minute music in the MP3 format is only about 1MB, so the size of every song is only 3-4 megabytes.

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