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How to play password protected video files

If you want to play a movie which has already been password protected, you might be interesting in this tutorial , which is about teaching you how to play password protected video files in easy and free way.

By using iLivid Video Downloader, it has the powerful function of playing password protected video immediately from your PC or streaming video site, like Youtube

The following is the details:

1. Copy URL from site, for example copy url from Youtube

2. Paste URL into iLivid

Paste one or more URLs you’ve copied using the “Paste Links” button or simply paste in the upper bar.

3. Begin watching your videos

Your videos are being downloaded and will start playing automatically, minutes into the download. Start watching right away!

Download iLivid Video Downloader


  • At the moment iLivid download manager is only available for Windows OS. iLivid does not support Mac OS
  • You will install a toolbar named Searchqu when you install iLivid, If for any reason you don’t want to use Searchqu toolbar functionality while your installation of this program, it is possible to install iLivid without the toolbar: during the installation choose, “Custom” installation, and uncheck the “Browser toolbar” checkbox.

About iLivid Video Downloader

iLivid let you can watch any video format and download videos from downloading websites such as: Youtube, Rapidshare.com, Hotfile.com, and more. iLivid’s Download Manager lets you start watching videos immediately without having to wait for the downloading to be completed.

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