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How to Transfer music to PC with Media Jukebox

Transfer the music to your computer from old LPs or cassette tapes

How to transfer music to PC

How to transfer the music from old LPs or cassette tapes to your computer with a cable that costs about 1 Dollar, and then, you can burn/convert them to MP3 and more.

This article explains how to transfer music from cassettes and vinyl LPs to your computer with easy and fast. If you are interesting in this topic, follow closely and you’ll see results:

What you need?

a: Hardware – What you need is a stereo cable, depending on your equipment, it has different types of specifications, you can spend a small amount of money, you can easily buy from stores.

b: Software – Media Jukebox software: a program not to be missed, the software has many functions and is very powerful. It is also a audio player and organizer that offers many functions for playing, managing, or creating digital music to your PC.

Step by step:

transfer music to pc

1. Install the program to your computer and start it. Well, the screen is realized at once that it is a great software. you can connect the stereo with your computer and go to Tools/Record.

2. in the window that appears when you click Options to enter the setting screen Recorder.

3. You can choose the source, for example, you can record our voice (in this case we have to insert a microphone into the sound card), or an audio CD (in this case we have to insert the CD into the CD-ROM) but what you interest is to transfer the music from our cassette or LP, then the stereo to the computer. You can choose for this purpose In-Line.

4. Press Ok. Screen recorder by pressing the Tracks to add (if we want to) information about the song, artist, title, etc..

5. It will seem strange but we are ready for recording. Press Play to our stereo recorder on the window and start the program.

6. You will see the transfer of music from the stereo to the computer at the end of the song can click Stop. The song will be available in MP3 and transformed list on the left.

Other features of Media Jukebox:

This software has many functions: for example, we can transfer the songs on our recorder and record them on CD, just select the song list and press the Write. Or you can convert songs audio CD to MP3. Just insert the audio CD in the drive and press the Copy button. We can hear the music played over the Internet. The program can also transform into a compact and full-featured player.

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