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How to transfer iTunes Library to new computer, transfer iTunes Library to PC

How to transfer iTunes Library to a new computer

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a program which can play digital media files and developed by Apple company. The main feature of iTunes is to play and manage multimedia files, Apple users can connect this software to iTunes store in order to purchase or download their favorite songs, videos, games and even TV shows. you can download iTunes from Apple official site.

Which program you can trust to transfer itunes library to PC?

ITunes offers a built-in back up tool that you can backup your iTuens Library, you can find it in the File menu. Just go File -> Backup to Disc. However, if you have a very large amount of data in your iTunes library, it is not a very effective way, you will spend a lot of blank optical discs, and it will become verytroublesome if you want to import or export your data.

So, the easiest way to transfer or move your iTunes library is by use ipod copy or ipod backup software, the following is the one we have picked for you, we have discarded unreliable softwares and added the most convenient and popular programs for you.

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About transfer iTunes Library to computer

MediaWidget is the essential compliment to your digital media experiencejust like security software for your computer, which takes over where iTunes leaves off, adding critical back-up and security features you don’t get out of the box. Protect the financial and time investment you’ve made and be up and running quickly if your iPod is damaged.

Main features:

Copy iPod to iTunes – Copy iPod to Computer: Quickly and easily copy your iPod playlists, ratings, and more directly to iTunes. Transfer music and video from any iPod back onto any Windows computer. You can also transfer tunes and movies from your PC onto any iPod.

Transfer iPod to iTunes – Transfer iPod to Computer: Move your music and video seamlessly between computers and iPods. Transfer music and video from your old PC to your new PC, from your old iPod to your new iPod, or from your old iPod to your new PC. Transfer all of your content from your iPod back into iTunes.

Play iPod: No need to copy music back to your PC to play it. Search for songs and play music directly from your iPod without iTunes. Even create and edit playlists right from within MediaWidget.
Share iPod: Easily share music and movies with your friends. Move music or video off of your PC onto your friend’s iPod, or transfer songs or movies from your friend’s iPod to your computer.

One iPod – Multiple PCs: Ever wanted to use your iPod with more than one computer? Maybe you have music at work and at home, or you have a laptop computer and a desktop computer. With MediaWidget, use your iPod with as many PCs as you like, without any problems.
iPod Backup – iPod Restore: Backup all of your iPod content to your PC, including music, photos, videos, Podcasts, playlists, games, song data, and any other file on your iPod. If your iPod is ever damaged, a few simple mouse clicks will quickly restore your iPod’s contents from the backup file.

iPod Recover – iPod Rescue – iPod Undelete: Ever had stuff mysteriously disappear from your iPod? Did an iTunes sync accidentally wipe your iPod clean? In a single step, you can rescue your iPod. Recover all of your music, videos, and more from your iPod, and get them back onto your PC automatically.

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Download to transfer iTunes Library to new computer

System Requirement:

  • Windows Vista, XP, and 2000
  • 10 MB free hard drive space
  • iTunes 4 or higher installed
  • Virtually any Windows formatted iPod, from classic through 6th generation, including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Photo, iPod Video, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle


The above download is the downloader from Regnow of Digital River Inc (Nasdaq: DRIV). When it is running, the firewall on your computer may popup the request for Internet access. It has been tested and 100% CLEAN.

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