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iPhone Contacts Transfer to PC – Transfer iPhone’s contacts to computer

A best iPhone Contacts Transfer for you

iPhone is an multimedia smartphone developed by Apple Inc. which has more functions than iPod: internet-enabled, multi-touch screen functionality, mobile phone, digital camera and more…

If a lot of contact information have been stored on your iphone, including address, list or friends’ photos. Then you need to transfer these important contacts information to your computer in order to prevent data loss or caused much trouble for you.

The following is the product you maybe consider, which can transfer iPhone’s contacts address, list, photos to computer easy and fast!

About iPhone Contacts Transfer

Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact can provide you:
– Backup contacts on iPhone memory to a file.
– Export two types of file format (Antc file, Text file).
– Backup iPhone Contact’s Photos.
– Export full screen of iPhone contact’s Photos.
– View Contacts in Text file format (.txt) or ANTC file format (.antc) on PC.
– Password protection support (ANTC file only).
– iPhone Contacts Transfer to PC – Transfer iPhone’s contacts to computer

Using this iPhone Contact Transfer software, all iPhone user can re-store the contact and contact’s photo to computer. With Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact, you can transfer the iPhone contact to computer as a txt file or a ANTC file. Before the transfer, you can choose to transfer all contacts or a single contact. In ANTC file condition, you can protect the file with a password to keep your privacy.

Here is the details of how to import CSV file to your iPhone contacts if you want to learn.

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Download iPhone Contact Transfer

System Requirement:

  • Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista


The above download is the downloader from Regnow of Digital River Inc (Nasdaq: DRIV). When it is running, the firewall on your computer may popup the request for Internet access. It has been tested and 100% CLEAN.

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