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How to remove unneeded plug-ins & apps with IObit Uninstaller

If you install too many software and plug-ins on your computer, uninstall some not commonly used software, or plugin that has affected the performance of your machine, your computer’s performance will be greatly improved. IObit Uninstaller’s appearance will bring you great convenience, it can replace your machine’s default uninstall tool.

IObit Uninstaller 3
IObit Uninstaller 3 – remove unneeded plug-ins & apps

His differences

  • With a number of parameters categorize your software or plug-ins to facilitate you can uninstall according to different attributes
  • Batch uninstall feature if you have a lot of software to uninstall. This is one of its great feature highlights
  • “Powerful Scan” and “File Shredder” integrated
  • Boost Browser Speed and Secure Privacy with one-click plug-in built in this uninstaller software.
  • Remove unneeded plug-ins & apps securely and super fast
  • Completely free to use

How to use the uninstaller?

You can start the program by right clicking on files/folders and then selecting IObit Unlocker or simply double clicking the IObit Unlocker shortcut and then add files/folders.

The program supports drag and drop files/folders to unlock, in addition to clicking the Add button.

Unlock Options – The uninstaller provides four options for locked files/folders. You can directly unlock it or click the drop down button next to Unlock button to choose another advanced action: Unlock & Delete, Unlock & Rename, Unlock & Move, or Unlock & Copy.

1. Unlock & Delete mode – the program will delete the locked file/folder directly.

2. Unlock & Rename mode – it will open a new window. You only need to enter the new name and then click Unlock & Rename button.

If you want to rename more than 1 file/folder at a time, please select each file and enter the new name separately, then click Apply Button. After rename all files/folders, please click Unlock & Rename button.

3. Unlock & Move – the program will move this locked file/folder to the destination folder you specified. You can not find the file/folder in original place.

4. Unlock & Copy – the program will copy this locked file/folder to the destination folder you specified.

Forced Mode – If you failed to unlock file/folder in normal mode, please tick the box before Forced Mode to enable this function. Forced Mode will terminate all related processes.

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