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Subtitle To Video Converter | add/convert subtitle into video (AVI/WMV)

Why need to add subtitles to video files?

While you are watching a favorite movie, you probably do not understand its language of it, or even something else, at this time, you need to add a subtitle to the video, ok, the following software is the one that you are looking for, which can easily add external or internal subtitle to avi/wmv.

About Adding Subtitles to Movies

Subtitle To Video Converter can multiplex external or internal subtitle to avi/wmv. It supports the external subtitle format like srt, ssa, sub, idx, smi, psb, ass, usf, ssf, supports internal subtitle of MKV OGM DIVX. Extra codecs may be installed before conversion. Then rename the external subtitle with the video clip name. The program will load the subtitle automatically. If the subtitle does not match audio or image, set thedelay options to sync the time.

Normally the portable devices and DVD players do not support subtitle files, if you want to play video with subtitles, the software provides the solution of muxing subtitle to video, thus you can play those output video files with subtitle on portable devices, even burn them into DVD without subtitles loss.

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Download Subtitle to Video Converter

add subtitle to video

System Requirements:


  • Before you launch the program, recommend to install the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) if you want to convert video and subtitle both.
  • If you do not know how to add subs to video, you can read the reference of converting mkv with subtitle to avi, it’s a tutorial.
  • Windows XP/VISTA has included WMV encoder itself. The later the service pack version of Windows is, the later the wmv encoder version is. But for the previous version such as Windows NT/98/2000/ME, if you do not install the latest service packs or Windows Media Format Runtime library, there is not wmv encoder in the Windows. The program will automatically detect your Windows Media Format Runtime version after you install the program and give you a hint whether to install it. Or run getdxver.exe under the program directory. So, If the program get the error message”Failed to load wmvcore.dll” when it is launching, please install Windows Media Format Runtime

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