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Data Recovery Software

Here you can find the methods or software that can help you recover your data easily

How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone5

Wondershare Dr.Fone is the World’s 1st iPhone data recovery software for personal users. Download Now (note: you will download a download manager from Regnow, then run this manager program to download Dr.Fone directly, which is 19.43 MB in size) This recovery mode allows you to scan your iOS devices directly to find data deleted recently, or data from your inaccessible …

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How to Shred Deleted Data

When you delete the files, the data is gone. Not quite, when you delete a file, the operating system does not really remove the file from the disk, it only removes the reference of that file from the file system table. The file remains on the disk until another file is created over it, and even after that, it might …

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How to easily carry the data?

See the title, you might say: U disk or networked cloud storage can do it easily, If it is really so simple, I do not have the words articles. The following is the details My goal is: 1) the software does not install (carry data onto U disk); 2) normal working hours, all the data and software on the computer …

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