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CyanogenMod : published custom ROM installer for OS X

cyanogenmod custom rom installation

CyanogenMod : published custom ROM installer for OS X The comfortable custom ROM installer for CyanogenMod via one-click , there has been only for Windows PC users befor. But now CyanogenMod has released a beta version for the Mac for the development of alternative Android distribution. A whole series of Android devices can be quickly and easily equip with the CyanogenMod …

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Photoshop CC printed in 3D

photoshop cc

Photoshop CC printed in 3D – Adobe has updated Photoshop with 3D printing function Adobe has its Creative Cloud suite updated , including a Photoshop update that 3D printing is very simple . Select Printer and material already enough , the rest is done by the software. Also, Illustrator and Indesign CC CC received new functions. With Photoshop CC 3D …

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Perhaps Facebook will launch “Paper” news reading service similar with Flipboard

facebook paper

After several years of trial and error, the project halted and redesigned, Facebook now seems finally to launch a mobile news reader service. Sources said that the product will be launched this month, called “Paper”, similar to the mobile news reading application Flipboard. Allegedly, Paper may be independent mobile applications, it may be adapted to page the mobile device experiences …

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iPhone 6 new patent exposure – perhaps using liquid metal Home button


iPhone 6 new patent exposure – perhaps using liquid metal Home button Previously rumors: “Apple will use liquid metal ( in the next generation iPhone)”, and now the latest patented liquid metal seems to find some evidence. According to the website Macrumors reports, In this published patent contains a pressure sensor is the use of liquid metal alloy material, which …

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iPad Pro concept

ipad pro

Although 2014 has only just arrived, but we have very high expectations for Apple’s new products this year . Previously, A design company called “Set Solution” has brought a conceptual design for the Apple iPhone 6, even including the legendary iWatch smart watches . Now , the team has produced a 13-inch iPad Pro concept , presenting giant screen iPad …

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Convert Web Pages, image, text to PDF with Chrome

chrome pdf converter

Convert Web Pages, image, text to PDF with Chrome There are a lot of PDF format editing or the PDF conversion software and PDF online conversion service in today’s Internet, which all can help you convert pages / images / text files as PDF files. But in fact, you do not need any PDF software or those PDF online services, …

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Wie dauerhaft Löschen Sie Ihre Mac -Dateien

dauerhaft Löschen Sie Ihre Mac -Dateien

Wenn Sie eine Datei auf Ihrem Mac löschen, wird es in den Papierkorb . Sie den Papierkorb leeren , Sie denken, dass alle Spuren Ihrer privaten Dateien werden nun vollständig von der Festplatte des Mac gelöscht , aber in der Tat kann das nicht der Fall sein. Dateien aus dem Papierkorb gelöscht, in diesem Verfahren kann wiederhergestellt werden , es …

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How to “assign or set specific ringtones” for your iPhone contacts

iphone contact

How to “assign or set specific ringtones” for your iPhone contacts Under normal circumstances, all contacts will be exactly the same ringtone on your iPhone, you have to come up with a mobile phone, looking at it, you will know who is calling. Sometimes you do not want to answer your phone , especially when you’re busy , but if …

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How to delete your iPhone Email after reading over

delete email for iphone

When you read a message to your iPhone ( or iPad or iPod Touch) inside the mail application, in iOS default settings, your program will provide you with an archiving function , you can remove the message you read from your Gmail inbox in this way . Your information will be removed automatically and all be saved in the All …

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How to disable ads on Kindle device


How to disable ads on Kindle device This is a very easy way to ban advertising on Kindle, and the most pleasing thing, this approach is completely free and does not require third-party software. This approach is this: You can contact the Amazon support team and ask them to ban advertising on Kindle with Special Offers for you. Their consent …

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stil der benutzerdefinierte google suche auf Ihrer website ändern

benutzerdefinierte google suche

Wie man den stil der benutzerdefinierte google suche auf Ihrer website ändern Google Custom Search durchsuchbar macht Ihre Website mit der gleichen Technologie angetrieben durch die Haupt Google.com -Suchmaschine. Sie benötigen einen JavaScript -Snippet auf Ihre Website Vorlage hinzufügen , damit Ihre Besucher in der Lage , leicht zu finden , die Inhalte , die sie suchen auf Ihrer Website. …

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How to solve homepage is a blank (white) page for WordPress theme

Sometimes, because of your improper operation, or not know what the reason, your theme Homepage presents a blank page, no any error message for your reference. This is a very difficult problem, because they do not know how to start. Recently, I encountered these problems, the specific situation is: Home is a blank page, but other pages or post/categories are Ok. …

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How to detect and kill rootkits


With the powerful “Malware Detection Engine“, UnHackMe lets users detect and kill rootkits easily as well as malware and trojans. This wonderful tools can kill various of malicious rootkits or trojans, it is the best app that i have ever used, it will help user identify any kind of malicious and remove it immediately. At first, the authors developed the …

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