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Financial Excel Collection for 2013

This is the Complete Financial Excel Collection which provides 150 finance spreadsheets, It has received numerous praise of users and been highly recommended by many websites.

with it, you can improve your business finances, analyze stock valuations, explains and demonstrates dividend maxing share portfolios, manage cash flows, create Excel budgets, identify key business ratios and model financial statements and forecasts quickly and effectively.

  1. Suitable platforms:  Mac, OS X – Macintosh, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  2. Minimum Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 or higher version
  3. License Type:Only buy after the first use

Financial Excel Collection for 2013

Financial Excel Collection for 2013
Financial Excel Collection for 2013

The following is the key features of Financial Excel Collection for 2013:

Activity Cost Analysis – Cost categories linked to cost database in Excel linked to work time provide complete analysis of project costs by activity and by employee work time. Suitable for R&D tax credits cost analysis, project costing, staff costing records.

Stock Dividends Maxing for Excel – increase dividend income with designer share portfolio Excel plan. Live examples from NYSE, TSX and LSE high yield portfolio.

Cash management – A/P & A/R control Excel workbooks.

Financial ratio templates for Excel – Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis calculates 50 key ratios, including efficiency ratios, earnings ratios, operating ratios, shareholder returns, working capital ratios, debt, sales days, inventory turnover, and liquidity.

Balanced Financial Scorecard for Excel.

Excel budgeting workbook saves you time preparing monthly budgets for multiple profit departments.

Investment-Calc provides rate of return investment analysis, forecasting and risk control spreadsheets. Present values and internal rates of return, ROIC and discounted cash flows.

Asset Accounting – Its Asset Register provides all aspects of fixed asset and property management in an easy-to-use solution.

Leasing Schedules will keep track of your lease accounts and consolidates current outstanding balances, monthly interest and repayment and forecasts annual cumulative totals and balances until repayment. Includes balloons.

Inventory Control & Scheduling keeps track of 3,000 inventory items, calculates and remembers month end inventories.

Instant Balance Sheets gives you quick calculations of source and application of funds (bank balance forecasting).

Costing & expense control including activity based costing, cost drivers, economic batch quantities, allocate overhead costs by department, allocates depreciation costs.

Fast Plan helps you prepares and analyses 5 year financial plans quickly and easily. Develops Excel balance sheets, income forecasts and cash flows. Includes monthly sales forecasting & itemized monthly expenses.

Financial Excel Collection for 2013

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