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Alex Wei

Alex Wei is one of the founders of DIGITBYTE who loves all things design and technology, he is also the chief editor at this website (008soft.com) with over 9 year's experience, which provides various software to download and shares news, guides or tutorials found from surfing the Internet. | Follow him on below social sites

Prepare for Commercial Printing with FlightCheck

FlightCheck is a stand-alone program designed for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. An essential tool for preparing documents for commercial printing, FlightCheck scans native and PDF documents to help enforce strict quality control standards. A dependable preflight tool for digital printing and publishing, it is made with creative designers, printing shops, prepress departments, customer service reps …

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How to Schedule and Automate FTP Transfers

Designed to save time with your daily FTP or SFTP downloads and uploads, FTPGetter 3 Professional ( http://www.ftpgetter.com/ ) is a professional solution that allows you to schedule and automate FTP file transfers using a centralized and user-friendly console. For example, users can set up tasks with the program that securely take care of all file synchronization between the home …

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ZZ PHOTO NEW VERSION 2.0 Every day we make dozens of photos which end up saved on computers in a chaotic way. ZZ Photo SaaS helps to manage all your life in pictures: it will help to bring peace and order to your home photo library. ZZ Photo is the Best Interactive Startup 2014 (IDCEE 2014) and one of the …

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Logo Illustration Made Easy with Logo Design Studio

A user-friendly program assisting with logo design and illustration, Logo Design Studio sports a wide range of features and an intuitive user interface. Made for companies and entrepreneurs, the software provides a convenient and affordable way to create professional logos for businesses, brands or products. Exceptional Ease of Use Creating a logo has never been easier, and Logo Design Studio …

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Gain Customer Insights and More with Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner is a sophisticated customer relationship management solution that provides insights for sales by way of lead and opportunity management. A visually orientated solution designed to maximize ease of use, Pipeliner delivers accurate sales forecasts, closing rates and more. It also features automatic data synchronization for both PC and Mac, as well as through the cloud. Empower Your Buyers With …

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Manage Your Phone from a PC with MOBILedit

MOBILedit is a universal software suite designed for managing your mobile phone and all of the data on it from your PC. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you’ll be able to connect your phone and access everything stored on it, either via Bluetooth, a USB cable or wireless Internet. Thanks to the user-friendly set of controls and …

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Work with NTFS-Formatted Drives from a Macintosh Computer

Macintosh computers provide very little in the way of native support for the NTFS file system, making it difficult to read and write any drives that have been formatted in Windows. NTFS has long been the default file system used by the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, but Mac OS X has yet to provide adequate native support for …

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A User-Friendly, Cost-Effective CAD Suite

If computer aided design is an important part of your job, you don’t necessarily need to fork out a huge amount of money to get the tools that you need. Available for a modestly priced yearly subscription, nanoCAD Plus provides the full range of tools that you need for creating professional diagrams and drawings. Easy to use and fully compatible …

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Low Email Bounce Rates Can Still Kill Your Email Marketing

Byteplant (Email-Validator.net), a leading provider of Email List Validation services, in a recent study found out that even email bounce rates as low as 3% can lead to ISP blacklisting and suspended email marketing accounts. ISPs today often have very strict anti-spam policies and blacklist mail servers for sending mail to only a few invalid or outdated addresses. Email marketing …

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Design the Perfect Company Logo with Logo Design Studio Plus

Offering exceptional ease of use, the main goal of Logo Design Studio Plus is to provide everything that companies need to create professional, eye-catching logos in less time. You don’t need to hire any expensive graphic designer or even have any experience yourself to be able to use the program to its fullest potential. It provides all of the tools, …

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OPSWAT Releases Free GEARS Application for Device Security and Advanced Threat Detection

OPSWAT today announced the official release of the GEARS application. This free software helps users identify if their computer is at risk or compromised, by providing greater visibility into the status of installed security applications and alerting them to potential advanced threats. The release of this new application extends the capabilities of the GEARS cloud-based network security management platform to …

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An exciting 3D boxing fighting game – Real Boxing ™


Real Boxing ™ is an exciting boxing fighting game, the game’s biggest feature is the use of real boxers motion capture technology for the development, coupled with the powerful Unreal Engine to create a beautiful 3D picture, the effect is very realistic, it can be said the mobile platform is excellent for boxing game is definitely worth playing. Real boxing screenshot: …

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The best way to get videos into iTunes or iMovie

ivi icon

iVI is the best way to get your video into iTunes or iMovie and automatically identify TV Shows and Movies and add poster artwork, film plot or episode details, cast lists iVI will format the video for all Apple platforms automatically including Mac, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone and iPod. iVI supports HD video (including 1080p and 720p), surround sound, multiple audio …

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how to hide files on your Galaxy S5

Galaxy s5

Sometimes, perhaps you want to hide some files (such as videos, photos) on your Galaxy S5, if so, this article is for you and teach you how to hide files on your Galaxy S5 in an easy way you can do it without using 3rd partner’s app, you can use the Private mode in your smartphone Ok. let’s go! 1. Open the …

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Smartisan T1 vs Xiaomi mobile phone – Baidu index contrast


“Smartisan T1” is the recent emergence of a new hot spot in the mobile phone industry, since May 20 after a news conference. Smartisan T1 is a high-end design and development of smart phones powered by Smartisan Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, which is based on custom Smartisan OS Android smartphone operating system. May 20, 2014, It was officially named as Smartisan T1. …

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