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VLC player for windows vista

VLC player – a multimedia player with open code for windows vista

VLC media player is a multimedia player of open code. It supports various video formats, such as GMOs, MPEG1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, DVD, VCD, etc. and audio as OGG, Speex, FLAC, MPC (Musepack), MP3, WAV and others. Furthermore, it supports several streaming protocols, and can be used as a video server in a network of high speed.

It supports transmission in unicast or multicast. Moreover, operating in IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The VLC has versions for several operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Linux, BeOS, among others and has support for various protocols such as UDP, HTTP, RTP, etc.

The VLC is considered by many one of the best software used for transmission and playback of videos. This because the range of supported platforms, file formats played, among other features that are constantly being added to VLC.

Operating system:

Windows Vista, 95, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 98

History for VLC media player

The VLC was initially the client software for the VideoLAN project which had the objective to create a program to transmit video (streaming) through a network. Was established at the Ecole Centrale Paris and licensed in the GNU General Public License on February 1, 2001, to be developed by volunteers around the world.

The acronym comes from VLC “VideoLAN Client”, name abandoned due to incorporation of the server (VideoLAN Server) in the client software.

VLC player – Screenshot:

VLC player for windows vista – Features:

The VLC is popular for its ability to display video incomplete or damaged during the copying process. For example, copy the files on BitTorrent or eMule programs.

Another feature of the program is able to access files. Iso and run the files contained in the disk image, even if the operating system does not have the ability to work directly with iso files.

Through the ffmpeg library, the VLC is compatible with various formats of audio and video, one of the few programs capable of running multiple formats of media without the aid of an external program or system, a characteristic shared with other programs that use the ffmpeg as MPlayer and Xine.

Filters allow the program distort, rotate, split, desentrelaar (deinterlace), mirror videos or add logos, you can display video as ASCII art.


VLC media player official site: http://www.videolan.org

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