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Search through InDesign Documents with PageZephyr Search

Once you have installed PageZephyr Search, the program will search through your hard drive to locate and index any Adobe InDesign documents that it finds. This allows the documents to become searchable so that you can look for specific lines of text in your presentations, no matter how old they are or where they are stored on your computer. As a stand-alone application, you’ll be able to search for and view text within PageZephyr Search itself, and even if you don’t have Adobe InDesign installed on the computer, it doesn’t matter since this tool operates completely independently. You will also be able to enjoy the convenience of using Apple’s built-in search tool to quickly locate specific InDesign files.

With PageZephyr Search ( http://markzware.com/products/pagezephyr-search/ ), you can easily search for any lines of text while using a variety of search parameters to help narrow down your search. The program displays results in context to help you more effectively locate the document and the exact part of the document that you’re looking for. It provides quick access to the content of your InDesign files, and it couldn’t be easier to use either. You can open PageZephyr Search and enter any word or phrase into the clearly marked search input field, and the program will do the hard work for you. Any files that contain the word or phrase that you searched for will appear in the column to the left, while a preview of the contents of the file, relevant to the search queries entered, will appear to the right when you click on the name of the file.

PageZephyr Search provides a number of other simple but very useful features, such as the ability to open documents in InDesign from within the program itself, show the results in Finder or copy the contents directly from the program itself. The ability to copy content straight out of the search results allows you to grab the text that you’re looking for without even having to open InDesign or even have it installed on your computer.

With this useful utility installed, you’ll also be able to search through all of the Adobe InDesign documents stored on your computer by using Apple’s Finder Search combined with PageZephyr Search’s tools. With the Finder utility selected, you’ll be able to choose the INDD extension used by Adobe InDesign documents and select the Contents option to search for specific text only in files of that type.

PageZephyr Search by Markzware is a simple buy extremely useful solution for anyone who extensively uses Adobe InDesign. If you have hundreds or even thousands of InDesign files, there is simply no other way that is as effective in searching for specific lines of text across multiple documents. The program is quick and easy to set up, and it works for any version of Mac OS X from 10.7. You can learn more about the program at Marksware’s official website, and there is also a fully-functional 15-day trial version of the program available for those who want to give it a test run before purchase.

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