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Recover Deleted Photos and More with StrongRecovery

Data loss is one of the most common problems of all experienced by computer users, and it may either be caused by accidental deletions or formatting of the storage media or by factors beyond the user’s control. Almost all of us have unknowingly deleted important files before or fallen victim to a malicious software attack or a system failure that appeared to claim our treasured documents, images and other files. Whatever the reason for the data going astray, there are ways to get it back intact in the vast majority of cases. This is where StrongRecovery comes in, a complete data recovery solution that allows you to recover deleted photos and many other types of files from just about any type of digital storage media.

A Flexible Solution

With StrongRecovery at your disposal, you’ll be able to recover files in a wide variety of different situations. Not only will you be able to recover data from your hard disk: it will also work with USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard disks and solid state drives. Most new laptop and desktop computers ship with hard disks come divided up into partitions, with each partition acting as a separate hard disk, but this won’t post any problem to the program. In fact, you’ll be able to scan and recover data on individual partitions or the entire physical hard disk. It also works with RAW disks that have not been formatted or are otherwise not fully accessible and readable to the operating system. Thanks to the reverse scan engine, it also allows you to recover data from damaged disks in most situations.

Dynamic Model

Designed to greatly reduce scan time without sacrificing reliability, StrongRecovery uses a dynamic scanning model that allows you to search through certain areas of the disk or certain types of files. Especially useful to recover deleted photos, the program provides native support for a wide variety of file signatures. It provides advanced recovery of RAW photos from digital cameras or the memory cards that you use with them, and you can recover whole videos by joining together files from a selection of different parts in various formats. In the event that you want to recover data from a memory card or USB pen drive that is otherwise inaccessible, you’ll be able to do so with the special damaged FAT file system analysis tool.

An All-in-One Solution

Versatile and dependable as well as competitively priced, StrongRecovery comes with unlimited free updates, and once you buy a license, the program and its updates will be available permanently without any restrictions. The search function is highly sophisticated too, allowing users to search for files of specific types of a variety of other signatures, including the content of the files themselves. It also provides multi-language support and very fast data recovery thanks to its dynamic scanner, and the intuitive interface makes it useful to its fullest potential straight out of the box. You can learn more about the possibilities by visiting http://www.strongrecovery.com .

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