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Protect Your Privacy with hide.me VPN for Windows

Online privacy has become the concern of the century, and considering that most of us now spend a considerable portion of our lives browsing social networks and carrying out other online activities, it hardly comes as any surprise. Particularly when you are connecting to the Internet while on the move, the risk of your online privacy or security being breached is much higher. This fact is doubly true if you are connecting to unsecured wireless networks which are not protected by a password. In such cases, individuals with the right tools at their disposal can snoop on the data traffic being sent between your device and the router. Fortunately, it is not as hard as you might think to protect your privacy online thanks to the availability of VPN software.

Protect Yourself with hide.me VPN for Windows

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it acts as a gateway between your Internet-enabled device and the Internet itself. This allows you to protect your anonymity and surf the Web knowing that no one else can find out what you’re doing. With hide.me VPN for Windows, you can connect to the Internet through a special service that allows you to surf completely anonymously without hindering the performance of the connection or restricting access to any online resources. As such, accessing the Internet through a VPN also allows you to reach websites and other online resources that might be blocked in your area or country. However, unlike an entirely Web-based solution, hide.me VPN for Windows is a downloadable windows VPN client that provides excellent performance and guaranteed protection from snoopers.

Rich Set of Features

Working flawlessly with Windows XP right up to Windows 10, hide.me VPN sports excellent ease of use, and the learning curve is minimal. With this program in operation, you’ll be able to surf the Web confident in knowing that your private data is kept private, and you’ll be able to access websites that might otherwise be unavailable in your country. Sporting many useful features, this VPN software allows you to connect with just one click, and it will automatically choose the closest and fastest server to connect to for optimal performance no matter where you are. If the connection gets interrupted for any reason, the program will automatically get you reconnected in minimal time as well. In fact, if you exclusively want to access the Internet through the safety of the VPN, you can even have the program connect automatically at startup, so that you never have to worry.

Our VPN servers are handpicked and operated only by us, so you can be sure that your time spent online will meet the highest standards of privacy and security. We also use the fastest available servers to ensure that connecting via hide.me VPN doesn’t slow down your browsing experience at all. Additionally, our servers do not permanently store any IP addresses or logs, and they support all of the popular protocols.

To find out more, visit hide.me/en/software and get started today to make sure that your time online is not left open to any potential threats.

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