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Prepare for Commercial Printing with FlightCheck

FlightCheck is a stand-alone program designed for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. An essential tool for preparing documents for commercial printing, FlightCheck scans native and PDF documents to help enforce strict quality control standards. A dependable preflight tool for digital printing and publishing, it is made with creative designers, printing shops, prepress departments, customer service reps and graphic design professionals in mind. It collects and packages all of the required elements in preparation for commercial printing to help ensure that jobs are professionally printed to the highest quality standards required by modern media.

Preflighting is an extremely important in the printing industry, and it should be used at every stage of the production of commercially printed documents and other media. Preflighting basically refers to the process of confirming that all of the digital files required during the printing process are available and correctly formatted. The preflight problem should needs to be solved as soon as possible in order to save time and money and ensure that jobs are printed to an excellent quality standard. Designed to help you get everything right from the very outset, it takes into consideration the design, layout, prepress creation, plate and final press. FlightCheck helps you to take care of all of the stages of the workflow so that you get everything right the first time.

FlightCheck ( http://markzware.com/products/flightcheck/ ) preflighting software has two main objectives: to check all of the required files for printing to make sure that they are in the correct format in order to minimise the risk of printing errors occurring and to package all of the necessary files in preparation for taking to a commercial printing house. Designed to work with the full range of Adobe presentation and publishing applications including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as the industry-standard and extremely popular Acrobat PDF format, FlightCheck is a must-have for any business that uses Macintosh computers and needs to publish professionally printed content. However, the software also works with a variety of other files, including PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Word 2000-2002, CoralDRAW, EPS, TIFF and much more to help ensure that everything you need for printing is covered.

The program offers a very simple and reliable solution by which you simply drag the files that you want to preflight onto the icon that represents the application. It will then scan the entire document for things like fonts, images, other illustrations and formatting styles to ensure that it is ready for printing. All of the categories are listed by the program, and the first screen displays simple English, while the second screen provides the full range of details including previews of images contained in the file. The reports are accompanied by useful, intuitive warnings pertaining to any potential problems as well. For example, red markers point to problems, while blue markets serve as warnings for potential printing issues.

FlightCheck is the ultimate tool for checking for things like missing or un-embedded fonts, transparency, effective resolution, color models, hairlines and much more. Finally, you’ll then be able to package all of the collected files by using the Package feature.

FlightCheck is available as either a 12-month or permanent subscription.

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