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Photoshop CC printed in 3D

Photoshop CC printed in 3D – Adobe has updated Photoshop with 3D printing function

photoshop cc
photoshop cc

Adobe has its Creative Cloud suite updated , including a Photoshop update that 3D printing is very simple . Select Printer and material already enough , the rest is done by the software. Also, Illustrator and Indesign CC CC received new functions.

With Photoshop CC 3D printing from Photoshop is possible. The designs can be sent both to a locally attached printer 3D printer or a built-in access to online 3D printing services . The software supports the most popular 3D printers and the entire range of high-quality materials. Including ceramics , metals, and full-color sandstone.

Also new in Photoshop CC are the functions “Perspective Warp ” and ” Linked Smart Objects”. The Creative Cloud update brings new well ” for Illustrator CC” and ” for Indesign CC” . The latter now supports EPUB 3.0 and simplifies the creation and management of hyperlinks. In Illustrator CC there is now a more intuitive pen tool in the transformation of paths and SVG export .

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