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Organize, Edit and Share Your Photos with ACDSee Photo Manager

Working with archives containing thousands of photos can quickly become a chore when you need to keep everything organized and quickly edit and manage all of them together. Fortunately, ACDSee photo management software presents an excellent time-saving solution for both amateur and professional photographers in the form of a user-friendly program that facilitates photo organization, editing and sharing. Designed to help you optimize your workflow and improve efficiency, ACDSee 19 allows you to manage your entire photo collection and distribution all from one convenient location. In fact, with this tool at your disposal, managing a rapidly growing photo collection has never been easier and, thanks to its exceptional ease of use, it is ready for home users as well as more demanding professionals. It features an impressive range of automated functions to help you save time and optimize your workflow, and the latest version comes with various filters to help you unleash your creativity, access cloud storage services instantly and much more.

Maximize Your Experience with the Smart Indexer

New in the photo manager is the powerful Smart Indexer feature designed to maximize your experience and streamline your productivity in order to save time and ensure that all of your photos are optimally arranged. This powerful feature sorts and catalogs your entire photo collection and adds them to the program’s database. When you have a huge collection of photos to organize, carrying out this task manually becomes impossibly time-consuming, and it takes up a great deal of system resources. However, the Smart Indexer knows when you made any changes to your photos and the folders they’re contained in, and it will automatically update the database while the computer is idle.

Auto Lens View and PicaView

Also new in the latest version of ACDSee are the Auto Lens View and PicaView functions. Auto Lens View allows you to quickly preview images using a variety of filters while you browse through your collection. PicaView is another new feature that provides you with a convenient sneak-peak function which is fully integrated with Windows’ context menu. In other words, you won’t even need to open the program to preview your photos while you are browsing through your folders. Not having to open the application every time you want to identify a particular photo represents a tremendous advantage when it comes to saving time. You’ll also be able to view the EXIF information and launch them directly in ACDSee without any additional bother.

Automatic Exposure Adjustment

No longer will you need to open your photos in a specialized application to manually adjust the exposure, thanks to the fact that ACDSee uses patented technology to make intuitive and automated corrections while you open each individual image.

ACDSee 19 is a must-have utility for photo enthusiasts or anyone else with a large and growing selection of digital files. It even allows you take care of all cloud-related tasks directly within the program including the ability to manage privacy settings and share your photos with friends, family or, if you prefer, the public. Learn more about this powerful photo organizer at http://www.acdsee.com/en/products/acdsee-19 .

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