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New, Simple, Safe and Free Method of Installing Applications and Updates

NeoSetup press release

New, Simple, Safe and Free Method of Installing Applications and Updates


Bucharest, Romania, November 17 2014 – Innovative Solutions is happy to announce the launching of its latest version of NeoSetup, an advanced, innovative concept for application installation and updating for Windows.

NeoSetup identifies and installs updates rapidly when a user merely clicks a button. The system automatically installs applications from a selection of the most preferred Windows programs. To ensure that subscribers always receive the most advanced versions of updates immediately after their release, NeoSetup detects and delivers them promptly following their official launch.


Subscribers select all the applications they want, and NeoSetup installs them simultaneously in one simple procedure. This feature is particularly beneficial for someone who purchases a new PC and wants to install numerous apps or needs to reinstall Windows. Users no longer have to search the Internet to find the apps and monitor every installation to ensure against installing unwanted malware and toolbars.

NeoSetup keeps PCs safe by furnishing only clean updates, systematically stopping all forms of third-party apps, browser toolbars and offers presented by application setups. The valuable service is free of charge.

NeoSetup saves time for subscribers because they can continue with their other activities while the system routinely executes all the installation steps in the background. This makes it unnecessary for users to perform the usual actions like progressing through various wizards, repeatedly clicking “next” or “continue” and patiently awaiting completion of the installations.

NeoSetup is simple for even a novice to use. The convenient installer-updater exhibits a lineup of applications available for installation, consisting of a quality selection of the most customary Windows software, and the user checks the apps wanted for his or her PC. The user then clicks a button, and NeoSetup takes care of downloading and installing the newest version of every application, omitting the showing of an installation wizard.

NeoSetup is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The innovative system provides a convenient method of keeping applications on computers current without the usual hassle involved in the process.

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Product page link: http://www.innovative-sol.com/neosetup

Direct download link: http://www.innovative-sol.com/soft/neosetup/NeoSetup_Updater.exe


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