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How to Make Marvelous Birthday Cards with FotoJet

Are you looking for a meaningful way to deliver birthday wishes to your loved ones? Just go and amaze them with superb birthday cards. It’s the perfect way to show how much you care them. With these simple instructions, you will let your creative juices flow and whip up the perfect birthday card online with FotoJet(www.fotojet.com) in a few seconds.

Step 1. Open Birthday Card Maker

You have two ways to get into the template page. Click GET STARTED button on FotoJet’s home page. Alternatively, go to its Birthday Card feature page and click GET STARTED button on this page to kick it off.

Step 2. Select a Birthday Card Template

From these preset birthday cards, you can easily choose one you like. Then, double click on the template or click the Choose button under the page to edit your birthday card.

Step 3. Add Photos and Apply Stunning Photo Filters

At the left top of the page, you can see the Add Photo button. Moving your mouse pointer onto the button, you will be given two options to add photos, From Computer and From Facebook. Add your photos using the way you want.


Not enough? Add some personal touches onto the photo with the features of Zoom, Rotate, Flip, Filters and color adjustments. Selecting a photo, you will see these options in the floating panel beside.


Step 4. Write Birthday Wishes

Don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday” on the card. It will cheer up your loved one on her or his birthday. Add your best wishes and make them in a suitable font, size, style and color. Text fonts can be used from the preset ones as well as from your local computer. It’s easy to choose a desired font in the text edit panel.

Step 5. Save and Send Birthday Card

Once everything is satisfied, click Save button at the top of the editing area to save the card as image file. Then, send the birthday card to your loved one online or print it out and gift it to the sweet one.




  1. To be more creative, try CLASSIC mode.
  2. A birthday invitation card can be made in the same simple way.
  3. Try various filters and color adjustments to decide the best final result.



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