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Editor.NET 2.5 public release

We’re announcing immediate availability of the new version of Editor.NET component library.

The main focus of this release is providing full-compatibility with Visual Studio 2015 and further enhancing C# and VB.NET parsers based on Microsoft Roslyn .NET compiler.

Here is list of other new features and bug fixes:

New Features :

Full support for Visual Studio 2015.
Option to optimize Textsource content for memory usage.
Ability to highlight references in WPF edition.
Different highlighting for warnings/errors/information diagnostics.
Roslyn – based parsers

Support for Roslyn 1.0.0 public release.
Formatting case of reserved words and spacing when editing VB.NET code.
Automatic generating of swith statement for enum variables when using switch snippet in C#.
Code snippets for VbParser.
Support for region outlining.
Code completion for untyped variables.
Bug Fixes :

Bug with VB parser linecontinuation.
Bug with code completion for property with “Private” set modifier in VB parser.
Minor bugs related to code completion with Roslyn parsers.
Learn more about Editor.NET here: http://www.qwhale.net/products/editor.htm

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