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converting DVD to iPod – guide

Here I’d like to share this tutorial for those who have DVDs at home, want to convert DVD to iPod easily and watch them on their iPod.

This tutorial has three parts, all are very simple and complete.

Before you begin, just download the following three powerful and famous programs:

(1) [download id=”49″ format=”4″] – transfer your dvd contents to your computer.

(2) [download id=”50″ format=”4″] – that can extract the contents from your DVDs and convert them to AVI format.

(3) [download id=”51″ format=”4″] – program that will convert AVI to iPod with the file extension .mp4

Note: here I’d like to suggest you to install the [download id=”48″ format=”4″] onto your computer before your conversion job, thus AVI to MP4 will not have problems.

Now, the following the tutorial you can continue:

No1 part: transfer DVD to computer

1.1. Put your DVD into your DVD driver, then open the DVDFab Plantium 5, the program will check your DVD disk.

1.2. After the program read your DVD disk, from the options on the left on the interface, select Disk Full, make sure to copy and tick Copy DVD-VIDEO (VIDEO_TS folder), choice DVD5 at the botton options.

1.3. In destination, select a folder where you want to save the copied DVD.

1.4. After doing all above steps, check again if everything is ok.

1.5. Click start, the process of copying dvd to PC will begin.

1.6. After the job of copying DVD to your computer is done, the DVDFab Plantium will warn that the process was completed successfully. Just click OK button and then Finish, at last, you can close the program.

No2 part: extract DVD to AVI

Here is the part for how to extract DVD movie and convert DVD to AVI.

2.1. Lanch CloneDVD mobile, use the option that is already selected, that is “Generic (DivX), Simple go to the next window.

2.2. Select the copied DVD from your computer.

2.3. You can see that there is a choice of DVD-Video files, click the button that has two arrows in the shape of circle. Once that is done, it will appear in the search windows. Now pay attention, you will go to the folder you created to store the DVD, and click the + that is part of it, until the VIDEO_TS folder appears, then select it and click ok.

2.4 The files will be read from the folder and will be listed, then go to the next window.

2.5 Here you can select the language and subtitle.

2.6 Now set as the video will be extracted from the archives of the DVD. In the resolution, select 720×480 (NTSC TV), in Video Quality, set at 10, choose the location where you want to save and tpye the file name, do not check the option of “produce files on searate chapters”, and do not modify the other options. Note: if the DVD allows to zoom, you can change the options “Properties of Zoom”, then go ahead.

2.7 Once you start the extraction, the dvd film will run in the next window, begin with the 0% of progress and other information.

2.8. Once the process is finished, the program will give you a popup warning, showing the total time of the process. Click OK. and you can close program.

No3 part: converting AVI to iPod

Here is the final step for convert AVI to iPod MP4 format.

3.1. Open Total Video Converter, in Default Converted Folder option, click the button with 3 points (…), select a folder from your computer where you want to save the output files, then press OK.

3.2. Click New Task button, the options will appear, you can import files you want to convert into the program.

3.3. Look for the .avi file that has already created in the previous step. select it and click Open.

3.4. Once you click open, another window will appear, you can select it in the Apple Video and select iPod AVC H264.

3.5. Go back the previous windows, where the film is listed and waiting for conversion. On the right side of the screen, there is a button called Settings, there you can change the settings for video and audio parameters. iPod videos has its settings, advise you test your own configuration, or let the configuartion that has been in the program, do not modify any change in Settings. No it’s time to convert! click Convert Now button, and the program will start the process of converting AVI to MP4 format.

3.6 Once the program finishes the conversion, it will automatically open the folder you selected to save the file.


Note: this tutorial is not only for coverting DVD to iPod, but also for converting any other video files to iPod.

All-in-one solution for converting DVD to iPod:

Here is the another powerful software which can combine above three programs functions, and you can only use this one to complete the conversion from dvd to ipod, the program is Avex DVD to iPod Converter

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