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How to convert text to audio for Mac

How to convert text to audio for Mac

There is Text to Audio converter available with Macintosh Operating System. One of purpose is the converter can create audio books from any text file once a screen reader is damaged. One remarkable advantage of it is that you can convert your text file, such as presentation, novel, and etc into an audio file and listen it when you travels. Here I’d like to introduce how to convert text file into an audio.


Go to Applications folder on Mac OS X, and run Automator in PC. When you are asked “select a starting point to open a new workflow”, choose Text.


Choose Text Edit from Get Content in drop-down menu. Choose Use Text of Open Text Edit document from the second drop-down box. Press Choose button. Choose Text from Library list on the left. Double-click Text to Audio File. Or, drag Text to Audio File on to the workflow area.

If you use Mac OS X Leopard, set “System Voice” to Alex, and if you use Mac Os X Tiger, set to Bruce. Save it as Audiobook, and Choose the place to save the audiobook. It saves to the Desktop at default.


Go to File > Save As Plug in. In Save Plug-in As form, enter Audiobook. Name it as you like, but be sure it’s descriptive. Choose Finder from the Plug-in for drop down menu. Click Save.

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