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Boot Camp 6.0 Download – Apple Mac computers latest official Windows driver installation package (support for Win10)

Boot Camp 6.0 Download – Apple Mac computers latest official Windows driver installation package (perfect support for Win10) – the above is the video guide about how to Install windows 7 or 8 on a Mac via bootcamp using a CD or USB

After officially listed Microsoft Windows 10 system, Apple has finally provided the latest Boot Camp 6.0.6133 Windows Drivers full version download for Mac computer (Macbook Pro / Macbook / Air / iMac / Pro full range of products).

The latest version of Apple’s Boot Camp drivers already perfect support Win10 / Win8 / Win7 systems! Before the older drivers under Win10, there are many small problems, severe fever, poor battery performance, system instability, and now Apple has solved all these problems out, congratulations! If you plan to install Windows dual system on a Mac, then you need to download and install this latest Apple drives ……

What is Boot Camp? Boot Camp Assistant, Boot Camp drivers?

Boot Camp is a let you “Installing Windows System” function collectively Apple Mac computers provide. It includes Boot Camp Assistant tool on OSX and Windows used on Apple’s Boot Camp driver installation package.

Bootcamp Mac to install Windows system

Boot Camp Assistant lets you easily on Mac “lossless split” a partition for installing Windows systems (can also be used to remove the partition). The Boot Camp drive is provided that includes a chipset under Windows, video card, sound card, touchpad, Bluetooth, WiFi wireless network card, keyboard, USB interface, lightning interface, etc., including a full set of Apple hardware drivers.

Following the adoption of Boot Camp Assistant installed Windows system, the user must install the corresponding version of BootCamp Windows system drive to make your machine normal and stable work and play the best performance of the hardware, or may occur slowly, the situation is part of the hardware does not work .

How to download Mac Apple Windows drivers (Boot Camp drivers)?

“Boot Camp Assistant” tool you can OSX system itself came with the download. You must be prepared in advance a U disk formatted as FAT32, and then he will prompt you step by step, will eventually drive to download the U disk, as shown below. If you’ve already created a U disk to install Windows, then you just check “from the Apple download the latest Windows support software” to download the driver.

Bootcamp Assistant


PS digression: If you install Windows dual system via BootCamp assistant returned Mac operating system is unable to read and write files Win NTFS partition, then need to use NTFS for Mac will be able to drive two systems “open” to start Windows can also be free to use inside the file when the mac. And NTFS for Mac also supports read and write NTFS formatted external mobile hard disk, U disk, properly properly the necessary applications.

The latest version of Apple’s Boot Camp 6 driver supports the list of models

Apple has announced the official list of models supported by the driver BootCamp 6, Macbook substantially after 2012 / Pro / Air / iMac / Mac mini / Mac Pro, etc. can obtain updates (specifically listed below). BootCamp 6 driver supports 64-bit and 32-bit operating system, the new version provides perfect compatibility with Windows 10, but also for the new USB 3.0, USB-C, lightning interface provides support. In short, using the Mac to install Windows friends, especially the Win10 user no reason not to update it.

For still using Mac friends until 2012, earlier models can only install Boot Camp 5.1 (support to Windows 8.1) or earlier Boot Camp 4.1 (support Win7) drives. Although part of the machine can still be used without a smooth upgrade Win10-specific driving situation, but how many will encounter some unknown circumstances hardware, system instability. If you want to better experience the latest Win10 systems, it is recommended that you get a new machine, right hand chop.

In order to facilitate everyone, we have retained the old version of BootCamp 5 and BootCamp 4 drive for everyone to download. If you do not know which version of the old Mac support, then go back to the first BootCamp 5 download, install an error, then on again obediently to download BootCamp 4 bar. For operating system support, Win8 and Win7 can be installed under 4 or 5, and in XP, Vista you could only install 4.

Virtual machines and Boot Camp to install Windows dual system What is the difference?

This is new to many Apple users will ask questions. First, install Windows via BootCamp assistant is to achieve Windows / Mac dual system of the most traditional and simplest way, this way Windows system will run natively, you can maximize the performance of the machine, but the user only by rebooting the computer mode switching between two different systems.

Through Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox and other virtual machine to install Windows on a Mac, it is possible to achieve both operating systems running simultaneously! Simply imagine is similar to the “PIP” function (of course, you may also like to run full-screen), the entire Windows system virtual machine as a common procedure to treat, you are free to switch virtual Windows system, the window is minimized or do any operation, will not host systems (OSX) affected.

Download Parallels Desktop virtual machine software

Parallels Desktop virtual machine

Of course, because the virtual machine need to run the system on the basis of OSX, they would also run more Win a system, and therefore consume more system resources, performance is certainly not as a native Windows installation.

I should have installed Windows with Boot Camp or virtual machine?

The biggest advantage first Boot Camp install native Windows virtual machines that can be compared to “maximize the performance of the hardware to play!” Particularly in relation to the operation or 3D games, BootCamp way compared to the virtual machine has a huge advantage. Virtual machine software is not yet be perfect DirectX support, but also take up a lot of memory and CPU resources when you need to run large-scale software or games, the performance will be relatively tight.

The virtual machine is able to run dual system, ease of use and convenience on has an absolute advantage. For example, you only occasionally use some of that running only Windows Win version of the small software, games or use online banking, IE browser to visit a special website, etc., you do not have to restart the computer, the whole system becomes Win readily available, very convenient.

Sum up, play games, there are performance requirements, usually do not need a Mac friend suggested using Boot Camp install Windows. And usually only run some performance critical applications are recommended daily use of virtual machines. PS: the Windows virtual machine does not need to install the Boot Camp drivers.

Direct download of Boot Camp 6 drivers

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