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Automate FTP Transfers and Free Up Your Day

Many people who need to access files on a remote FTP server still use the basic freeware FTP client to upload, download and synchronize files. However, as anyone who has ever used these basic programs knows, they’re far from efficient. Aside from not being very responsive, they often only allow you to work with files individually, making working with multiple folders with hundreds of files a practical impossibility. They’re much slower as well but, even more importantly, they leave you open to an increased risk of human error. When you’re trying to synchronize files between your local workstation and the remote server manually, it’s easy to overlook important changes, leading to the loss of important data. Fortunately, there is now a way to overcome all of these problems and automate FTP transfers with FTP Getter 3 Professional.

Save Time and Negate the Risk of Human Error

If you regularly have to access files on a remote server and keep everything up to date, chances are you simply don’t have the time to do the job thoroughly. As any entrepreneur knows, time is money in the world of business, so finding solutions that can save you time directly translate into profit. In the case of using FTP Getter 3 Professional to take care of your FTP and SFTP file synchronization, you can literally save countless hours by automating the various tasks involved. Thanks to a full range of controls and customization options, all you need to do is configure the program to automate specific tasks and leave it to take care of the hard work for you. When you consider the long-winded process involved in replacing a single file on a remote FTP server, it’s easy to understand the benefits of automating the process.

Configure Customized Scheduled Tasks with Ease

FTP Getter 3 Professional requires a minimal learning curve for anyone who is used to the typical FTP client. The familiar set of controls makes it easy to set up various tasks, while the intuitive interface makes setting up scheduled tasks take a matter of minutes. When setting up a scheduled task, you’ll first be able to specify intervals for when you want the program to automatically check for new file creations. You can also target specific folders and/or files to tell the program to check for file creations on both the local and remote server and update them as necessary so that all data is kept current. The program also supports file masks, allowing you to configure your scheduled tasks to only take into account files of specific types. For example, if you only care about keeping PDF documents up to date, then you can configure the program to only look for PDF files.

FTP Getter 3 Professional presents the most efficient and thorough solution for working with FTP servers. It’s vastly more powerful and faster than any Web- or desktop-based FTP client, and you will quickly see the benefits as soon as you start using the program. Point your browser to http://www.ftpgetter.com today to find out more.

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