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f.lux – adjust your monitor control to protect eyes

Do you work on your computer on into the night? I do, maybe just playing a really addictive game, work or making/watching videos. Your Monitor will be very bright, and this is good for the day. But at night, you monitor will still be very bright which will damage your eyes.

On the physical level, the first and most vulnerable is our eyes. Especially at night, when we are facing the glare of the screen, it will bring risks to eye health, Blue-ray (blue light) in your computer’s monitor will have a negative impact on sleep.

Even Apple are also on the iPhone / iPad adds night mode to filter the “blue light” in order to protect the user’s eyes. Under such a premise, this article bring you today protagonist – F.Lux which is an anti-fatigue eye protection software / filter blue screen software.

f.lux main screen
f.lux main screen

F.Lux is a great application for pc and mac users to help their eyes. You can not see the effect in the article, you have to try it for yourself.

F.Lux makes life easier on you by automatically adjusting your monitor controls depending on the time of the day.

Conclusion: I have been using this software nearly half a year, and eye fatigue be greatly alleviated, this is a great software worth trying, it is strongly recommended

note: you can disable for one hour for doing color-sensitive work.

The following quote Official Description

f.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

It’s even possible that you’re staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.

f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.

Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live. Then forget about it. F.lux will do the rest, automatically.


Download F.Lux to get your Monitor Brightness Control – for Win

If you wanna get the Mac Linux iPhone/iPad Android version, please go to its offical site: F.lux offical site

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